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Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater®:
Techniques and Tips for Hand Knitters

Good knitting technique never goes out of style. Whether you knit trendy garments or classic sweaters, the same techniques will make the difference between a garment that looks well made and one that doesn’t. In this book, you will learn seven basic knitting techniques that greatly affect the appearance of a hand knit sweater: the smooth or bumpy side of the cast on edge on the public side of the garment, the placement and type of increases used in ribbing, slanting decreases, invisible increases, blocking, picking up stitches for bands, and buttonholes.

Master the "how" of each technique, then learn the "when, where and why." The author’s goal is to give knitters information so they thoroughly understand the techniques and can confidently make choices about using them. This book is for knitters who know the basics and want to hone their skills to produce beautifully hand knit projects. This book has two sections:

Seven Chapters

  • Learn one technique per chapter with step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, and detailed color photographs.
  • Understand why each technique works and why it looks good.
  • Receive lots of useful tips and hints for producing good results.
  • Know the choices and options associated with the techniques.

Seven Sweater Patterns

  • A "tutorial project" (baby sweater) pattern is divided into sections that correspond to each chapter. The reader will be able to practice the lessons of each chapter on this real, but small, sweater.
  • Six stylish adult sweater patterns provide plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques.
  • All patterns have clear, row–by–row instructions.
  • Information on sweater seaming is included in the appendix.

This is a skill-building, confidence-boosting book which shows knitters how to make even the simplest sweater look marvelous.

144 pages, 8" x 8", full color throughout, soft cover, $24.95
Vanduki Press, Cabin John, MD

About the Author

Margaret Fisher
Margaret Fisher

Margaret E. Fisher is a TKGA Master Knitter, nationally known knitting instructor, and skilled designer who teaches knit, crochet, and sweater design workshops across the country at conventions and for shops and guilds. She has designed for publication, and she also designs and makes one-of-a-kind garments and accessories. Margaret is a former co-chair of the Master Hand Knitting Committee of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) and has written magazine articles on knitting and knitting techniques.


Pages 18-19

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Press Release

Los Angeles, CA - (August 2008) - Love knitting sweaters but don’t love the end result? Wish you could ask an expert questions like, what’s a good buttonhole? How do I pick up stitches so the front band doesn’t flare? Get excited knitters; these questions and more will be answered by popular knitting instructor and first time author, Margaret E. Fisher. Read More »

2011 Book Reviews

"I found that by the time I was reading the second section [of the book] I was wishing that I had this book a few sweaters ago. ...This is a very clearly written book with photos that help to exemplify what the author is discussing. It would be a great addition to most knitter's libraries." — Keri Comeau Read More »

The Journal Gazette
"Margaret Fisher presents many potential pitfalls for knitters, and then, clearly and completely describes ways out of such trouble." — Lara Neel Read More ».

2009 Book Reviews

Knit 'N Style
"Not only will you learn how to master seven techniques, but also Margaret will share when and where to use them in your knitwear projects. The instructional portion of the book is well illustrated and photographed. ....This book is a great addition to your knitting reference library." Read More »

Creative Knitting
"Margaret Fisher has been designing sweaters and teaching knitting and sweater design workshops at the national level for many years. At last, Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater® allows those knitters unable to take classes the opportunity to learn from a master teacher. ... This is a good little book with a lot of useful information for beginning and intermediate knitters." — Edie Eckman Read More »

Cast On
"Each of the seven things is accompanied by multiple examples, complete with vivid photographs and detailed instructions. These will guide any level of knitter through the techniques common to sweater knitting... You will want to add this book to your library so you can have Margaret's expert advice at your fingertips whenever you are working on that perfect sweater!" — Penny Sitler Read More »

Twists and Turns®
"The layout is clear and detailed. If you’re looking for simple techniques to improve the look of your sweaters, this book will guide you through all you need to know." — Janet Szabo Read More »

Knitting Scholar
"Thorough and informative—what more do you need in a book about techniques?" — Deb Boyken Read More »

2009 Magazine Article

Bethesda Magazine
"Home Work" by Kate Kuhn Read Article »

2008 Book Reviews

Knitters Review
"This clean, well-conceived book never strays from its purpose. Fisher makes a reasonable promise and she delivers on that promise. Read this book, and practice each new technique . . . , and you will gain knowledge that will make your next sweaters look better. Simple." — Clara Parkes  Read Part 1 »  Read Part 2 »

Yarn Market News
"Fisher, a TKGA master knitter, puts her know-how to use, delving into seven of the biggest bugaboos that knitters face" — Cheryl Kremetz  Read More »
"The best part about the book is that all of the techniques are covered by 7 sweater patterns included in the back of the book." — Michelle Kempner  Read More »

"The writing is clear and precise and the layout of the book is sleek and professional. This book is a valuable resource for any knitting library, beginner to advanced." — Janel Laidman  Read More » Knitting
"If you've ever wanted to knit a sweater but you're afraid of getting all the details right, or if you've knit sweaters before and haven't been happy with the results, Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater® will give you a lot to think about and try on your own sweaters, whether you're working from a pattern or designing for yourself." — Sarah E. White Read More »

"One thing I love about this book is its clear step–by–step photography. A great gift for one of your newer knitter friends who’d like to expand their skills, too." —Shannon Okey  Read More »

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Eugenie's Cardigan
This pattern uses the same size needles for the edgings and the sweater.
Page 93: Under LEFT FRONT, eliminate "With smaller needles,"
Page 94: Under SLEEVE (make 2), eliminate "With smaller needles,"